MoU on Science and Technology between Colombia and India

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Honourable Minister of Science and Technology of India Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Monica Lanzetta met over a high tea at the office of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. The agenda was to share and review the progress of activities going under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India [...]

Colombia Introduces Salsa in India

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Apart from the traditional forms of music and dance, two musical rhythms have conquered large parts of Colombia. These are “la salsa” which has spread throughout the country, with Cali considered as the capital of la salsa, and the “vallenato”, which originated in La Guajira and Cesar in the northern part of the Caribbean coast. [...]

Ambassador Juan Alfredo Pinto’s Speech on GRULAC’s dinner with Mr. Scindia, Minister of State of Commerce and Industry of India on 13th April 2011

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Latin American and Caribbean countries constitute a region blessed by Gods with an abundant natural endowment of renewable and non-renewable resources. One quarter of the fresh water on earth is owned by this area which is also the most bio diverses in this planet. This part of the world is the leader in primates, amphibious [...]

India Colombia Relations: a New Paradigm of Cooperation

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Colombia and India together form an exemplary amalgamation of mutual trust and support in the field of political exchanges and investments. Both the partners are paving a way towards long-lasting and beneficial cooperation in various domains. Political Relations The political relations between India and Colombia stand on a base of trustworthy exchanges and mutual support. [...]

Cultural Diplomacy

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The magnitudes in Asia are always relative and their proportions are usually low as compared to the vast figures in demographics, consumption volumes or socio-economic indicators. In case of Colombia’s cultural work in India during the past years, our country’s artists have performed in front of more than twenty thousand spectators and their presence in [...]