H.E. Dr. Burak Akçapar, The Ambassador of Turkey to India

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H.E. Dr. Burak Akçapar, The Ambassador of Turkey to India, in an interview to Maheswaran Gnanaprakasam of Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs Magazine talks about India-Turkey bilateral relations. Your Excellency, India and Turkey has strong historical ties. How would you assess the relationship between the countries in the current political context? Our formal relations date back [...]

India-Turkey Relations in the Changing Global Scenarios

Enerji ve Tabi Kaynaklar Bakanı Taner Yıldız

The evolving global economic business dynamics are bringing new entrants and stakeholders at the centre stage. India, with its impressive economic performance of the last decade and Turkey, with its insatiable desire to re-discover its economic, cultural and political vitality, are finding themselves standing at the cusp of defining their future course of trade and [...]

Assessing Turkey’s Performance as a Norm Entrepreneur in Syrian Crisis

Turkey and Syria

Norms matter in world politics; and it is actually the norms, rather than complicated provisions of treaties or other formal arrangements, that the state express strong willingness to comply with. Norms are also significant as they reshape the conduct of interstate affairs and the overall outlook of the international political stage. From a constructivist perspective, [...]

The Necessity of a ‘New Chapter’ in Indo-Turkish Relationship

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The Indian External Affairs Minister was in Turkey from 23rd – 25th July 2013. He enthusiastically claimed after completing his sojourn, “[My visit] will open a new, meaningful chapter [in bilateral relations]…hopefully, not only will this be a new chapter but an exciting one as well.” At the turn of the century India and Turkey [...]

Challenges and Strategies Entering into Turkish Market

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How to Benefit from the Tax Treaties Importance of Holding Vehicle’s Location for Investments In general, the aim of the companies and investors is to maximize the profit they obtain from their investments. Similar to the importance of plant location for enterprises, it is significant to choose the right location for a holding in the [...]