The Middle East in 2014: A Guide for the Perplexed


On July 29 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The casus belli had been the assassination of the Habsburg crown Prince the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist in the name of Serbian irredentism. This political tragedy had been preceded by a cycle of Balkan Wars shaped by the nationalism that had [...]

Transition of Turkish Politics: From Kemalism to Islamism


Turkish politics passed into new phase with the establishment of Republican Turkey. New Republic adopted to totally different political priorities from Ottomans such as secularization, nationalization and westernization. In fact, secularist and westernizationist movements began at the beginning of recession period of Ottoman Empire. However, “Westernization project” had been applied officially at Turkey Republic since [...]

Sunnis and Shiites: The Jihadi Spring in the Middle East

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The central point of cultural and political reference in the Middle East is Islam, and any political and military analysis of the area cannot avoid its salient relevance in shaping the world view of Arabs, Iranians, Turks, and Pakistanis. The imposition of the nation state by European power on the social systems of the Islamic [...]

How far will the Power Shift in Delhi Impact UAE – India Relationship


Couple of weeks back in India, the incumbent Congress has been ousted by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). The BJP has got the majority in the parliament on its own, something which was not seen in India over past three decades. It will be interesting to see how the newly elected government, known for its pro-market [...]

International Security and the Asian Pivot: The United States and China

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The United States has for some time now claimed that the most important area of strategic interest is in Asia. Yet, for several decades, the Middle East, especially the Israeli-Palestinian conundrum, has been the most challenging area for the articulation of an American foreign policy that focuses on the substantive goal of stability and conflict [...]