25 years after 9/11 – How many Germanies should Europe Have


Ever since the Peace of Westphalia, Europe maintained the inner balance of powers by keeping its core section soft. Peripheral powers like England, France, Denmark, (Sweden and Poland being later replaced by) Prussia, the Ottomans, Habsburgs and Russia have pressed and preserved the center of continental Europe as their own playground. At the same time, [...]

Representative and Responsible Government – Supporting Uprising in Pakistan


Ever since the May 2013 elections in Pakistan, political pundits across the United States have been lavishing praises on “an unprecedented democratic transition” in the country that had been governed by through military rule (overt and covert) for more than half the 67 years since its independence in 1947. It is about time to debunk [...]

Outcome of Brazil’s National Elections 2014- India’s Perspectives

Brazil's President and Workers' Party (PT) presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff gestures to photographers after voting in the runoff election in Porto Alegre

Outcome of Brazil’s National Elections 2014- India’s Perspectives Prelude Brazil which was largely renowned for its football and colourful samba culture until the 20th century saw an exceptional rise in the international politics in 21st century. Suffered badly in the hands of military junta (1964-1985), Brazil revived itself by addressing the problems such as poverty, [...]

The Middle East in 2014: A Guide for the Perplexed


On July 29 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The casus belli had been the assassination of the Habsburg crown Prince the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist in the name of Serbian irredentism. This political tragedy had been preceded by a cycle of Balkan Wars shaped by the nationalism that had [...]

Transition of Turkish Politics: From Kemalism to Islamism


Turkish politics passed into new phase with the establishment of Republican Turkey. New Republic adopted to totally different political priorities from Ottomans such as secularization, nationalization and westernization. In fact, secularist and westernizationist movements began at the beginning of recession period of Ottoman Empire. However, “Westernization project” had been applied officially at Turkey Republic since [...]