Felipe VI – The Indispensable Unifier of Spain

(FILES)-- A file photo taken on May 22,

The whole world had seen and heard in the media the historic abdication of King Juan Carlos on 19th June in favour of his 46 year old son Felipe who was enthroned in the hearts of 73% of Spaniards after receiving the royal red sash of kingship from his father in the presence of the [...]

Role of European Union in World Integration Processes


The process of regional integration began intensive development since the Second World War and since then along with globalization spreading rapidly to all parts of the world. Regional integration in developing countries is the path to accelerated economic development, as stronger interconnection and closer interdependence can not only successfully resisted all forms of external pressures, [...]

Israel – EU Security and Defense Relations – Divergences and Convergences


The diplomatic relations between Israel and the EEC (the European Economic Community that preceded the European Union-EU) were established in 1959. Israel and the EU signed the Association Agreement in 1995 which is the legal framework for their relations. Over the years the relations between Israel and the EU have become exceptionally ambiguous:  a large [...]

Mr. Normal Came, Saw, but Conquered Little – Hollande’s Visit to India

Hollande visit to india

The ‘Bonjour India’ festival gave premonitions of the coming of their President. The French flair was extensively displayed across metropolitans in India where different art forms – music, theatre, film screenings, and dances – delighted the Indian audiences and reminded them of the vivaciousness and effervescent character of the archrivals of their Colonial masters. It [...]

Combating Corruption – Agenda for Action


Combating corruption in public life has become an exciting public sport in our country.  Exposes of corruption scams and media debates on their seamy side have created a great deal of public concern about the need to control corruption. Unfortunately, this trend has created a false impression in the minds of many that unearthing scams [...]