Representative and Responsible Government – Supporting Uprising in Pakistan


Ever since the May 2013 elections in Pakistan, political pundits across the United States have been lavishing praises on “an unprecedented democratic transition” in the country that had been governed by through military rule (overt and covert) for more than half the 67 years since its independence in 1947. It is about time to debunk [...]

Role of Indian Strategic Interests in the Making of Indian Foreign Policy


I Introduction Like individuals, Nation-States also bear distinctive personality based on its shared historical memories that has been shaping its identity, consciously or unconsciously since time immemorial. The foreign policy of a Nation-State is therefore, an extension of its own distinctive personality personified in the global realm of world politics. The identity of a Nation-State [...]

Factoring Communist China in Growing India-Japan Strategic Partnership


Both India and Japan celebrated 60 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two democratic peaceful nations and rising powers in 2013. During his visit to Japan in May 2013, then India’s PM Manmohan Singh, relayed mutual common security concerns of both India and Japan regarding an “assertive” Communist China and the changing power [...]

China’s ‘Quiet’ Afghan Odyssey and Strategic Implications for India


China’s ‘Quiet’ Afghan Odyssey and Strategic Implications for India Sourabh Jyoti Sharma* I Introduction “Almost every great power in history, when they were rising, was deeply involved in Afghanistan, and China will not be an exception.” – Prof Wang Lian, School of International Studies, Peking University, Beijing With the United States gradually pulling out its [...]

Indo-Pak Relations after ‘NaMo-Nawaz’ Meet


India-Pak relations have been on a blow hot and blow cold phases since their independence after being partitioned on religious lines. While Pakistan became an Islamic Republic, India chose to remain grounded on its age old secular Hindu tradition of ‘Sarva Pantha Samabhav’ – equal just treatments to all faiths with appeasement to none. Created [...]