The Campaign For Nigeria’s Future


2014 has been a remarkable year for Nigeria; one filled with great triumph and no doubt, greater tragedy. In early April, we witnessed our nation’s GDP soar to unprecedented economic heights – an 89% increase following it’s national rebasing – elevating our already-lofty ambitions for further global integration along with it as we claimed the [...]

The Three Anthems and Emerging African Diplomacy

Kenyatta takes the oath of office as First Lady Margaret holds a bible in Nairobi

Introduction Kenya’s first general elections under the new Constitution of 2010 were held on 4 March, 2013. The major contenders in the elections were the Jubilee alliance led by Uhuru Kenyatta, and the CORD alliance led by Raila Odinga. The configuration of parties and presidential contestants in 2013 was different from that of the elections [...]

Understanding African Polities – A Critique of Alternative Theories


Over the past century several scholars have offered many different explanations as to why African political systems and economic structures continue to function in a markedly distinct manner from those of other regions in the world. For instance, despite the increasing globalization of the concept of democracy, 14 of the 54 current African presidents have [...]

Combating Corruption – Agenda for Action


Combating corruption in public life has become an exciting public sport in our country.  Exposes of corruption scams and media debates on their seamy side have created a great deal of public concern about the need to control corruption. Unfortunately, this trend has created a false impression in the minds of many that unearthing scams [...]