Transition of Turkish Politics: From Kemalism to Islamism


Turkish politics passed into new phase with the establishment of Republican Turkey. New Republic adopted to totally different political priorities from Ottomans such as secularization, nationalization and westernization. In fact, secularist and westernizationist movements began at the beginning of recession period of Ottoman Empire. However, “Westernization project” had been applied officially at Turkey Republic since [...]

Felipe VI – The Indispensable Unifier of Spain

(FILES)-- A file photo taken on May 22,

The whole world had seen and heard in the media the historic abdication of King Juan Carlos on 19th June in favour of his 46 year old son Felipe who was enthroned in the hearts of 73% of Spaniards after receiving the royal red sash of kingship from his father in the presence of the [...]

Survival or Extinction – Involved in Mankind


The political leadership and the institutional infrastructure needed to address the urgent problems humanity faces are missing. We are stuck with the Bretton Woods system that was worked out at the end of World War II and has long ceased to be adequate. While history has raced we have stood still for nearly seven decades [...]

Survival or Extinction – Peace Without Poison


From the horrors and convulsions of wars past, humankind has advanced step by bloody step, from one peace settlement to another, towards the concept of collective security. Each major peace accord in Europe and beyond has sought to regulate international affairs better than previous efforts in the hope of finally securing peace and stability into [...]

Survival or Extinction- Countries are Prisons

borderless world

Do you see any borders? I don’t. All I see is continents and oceans. Borders don’t exist. They are just imaginary lines that restrict our lives to a social construct called the nation state; a construct that dates back to the 17th century, and more often than not only to the 19th century, has long [...]