Will Crimea’s Annexation Compromise European And World Peace?


“Expansion into Ukraine and the ‘empty’ steppe was Russia’s equivalent to the ‘New Worlds’ conquered and colonised by the British and Spanish empires……Russia in the eighteenth century was able to conquer Ukraine and demolish its separate political institutions and identity. The latter could survive only if Ukrainian leaders received support from Russia’s great-power rivals. Partly [...]

India-Africa – South-South Trade and Investment for Development

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India and Africa’s partnership has entered a new era. Close political relationships are being invigorated by a flourishing trade and investment relationship. This new trade and investment relationship could be crucial in the struggle to lift millions out of poverty. Africa-India trade has followed the upward trend in South-South trade and investments over the last [...]

H.E. Bothata Tsikoane, The High Commissioner of Lesotho to India

lesotho interview

Let me thank you very much for this opportunity granted to me to talk to Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Magazine. First of all, for those who are not familiar with the location of Lesotho, it is a beautiful small independent democratic country centrally located within the Republic of South Africa. Its location gives it access [...]

Vinay Kumar, Joint Secretary, MEA, Government of India

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How do you view the evolution of India’s relations with Africa? India and Africa share historic and close ties. These ties predate India’s independence and were established centuries ago. After its independence, India consistently supported African countries in their struggle against colonization and apartheid. This was highly appreciated by African people and leaders. Indian leadership [...]

Arms Control Implications of Developments in Syria

syria chemical weapons

I. Introduction Chemical weapon arms control-related events in Syria in 2013 will have a continued—if still somewhat uncertain and controversial—long term effect on efforts to respond to allegations of their use. States and various international bodies attempted to ascertain—and eventually confirm—the use of such weapons. These efforts included an evolution of international verification measures and [...]